5 Forced Marriage Facts That Effect On the Human Mind 14-Oct, 2020

Marriage is one of the holiest things in the world. When people are getting married to each other, they commit to staying together for life. It is the way of keeping the existence of human civilization. But this holy thing could be a nightmare when it is an underage marriage. Especially in the Indian Sub-continent, the number of non-permited marriages is increasing rapidly.

underage marriage is an alarming thing for society, and at any cost, we should be aware of it. If we consider Bangladesh, Bangladeshi marriage media could play an important role. They could arrange different campaigns against it.

Though most parents think that it won't affect the marital life of their daughter, the scenario is the opposite. Here we have discussed five forced marriage facts that affect the human mind.


1. Mental Stress

In countries like Bangladesh, mostly girls are the victim of forced marriage. Parents often do this just considering everything will be ok once the marriage is done. But according to international study reports, people who go through forced marriage end up with extreme mental stress. According to the stat from various marriage media in Dhaka, we found that people often end up in divorce.

Even if the opposite partner is careful and good enough, girls can't cope with the condition. For this kind of couples, counseling is mandatory. But people are unaware of the issue and suffer from stress for a long time. Mental stress can affect daily life in a very negative way. The person who is in stress won't find interest in anything. The worst cases even cause suicide or suicidal attempts. However, if the couple can take some essential steps, they could get rid of the mental stress and can cope with reality.


2 . Less Interest in Physical Intimacy

No matter what type of marital activities it is, if the couple wants to stay together happily, it is important to have good physical intimacy among them. According to research, physical intimacy helps to relieve stress and make a good bonding between husband and wife. But when any of them is a victim of forced marriage, it badly affects the relationship. Someone can't be in sync and keep a normal relationship. The person may go for it but don't enjoy the whole thing.

It could increase the stress level, and some couples end up with divorce and other serious issues. Also, less interest in physical intimacy increases the chance of violence among couples. The condition becomes worse when no particular steps are taken. In some cases, it is so common to lose the ability to give birth to a child. Because the woman needs to be relaxed in physical intimacy to release the necessary hormones for ovulation and when she has no interest, it is not possible.


3 . Trust Issues

When a woman is forced to marry someone, it affects the mind. After the marriage, the woman would feel like she has no one to talk to. She won't believe anyone as her parents betray her. It also causes trust issues between the partners.

The woman would like to stay isolated from others. If there is poverty, there is a good chance that the woman or the girl will live like a domestic slave. According to UNICEF Bangladesh, most of the time children are the victim of forced marriage. So, they don't even know how to solve the problem. They can't get back to parent's home nor can they stay peacefully in the in-laws' home. As a result, they got serious mental issues. 


4 . Loneliness

It is needless to say that when it is a forced marriage, the person who is a victim, will lose the people she used to talk with. For example, when she was at her own home, she may like to talk with her younger brothers and sisters or to the parents. But once she gets married forcefully, she can't find a way to talk with new people. Also, in such conditions, the people from in-laws' houses are likely to be rude to the new bride.

Problems start from the very beginning. After entering a new house with new people, it is almost impossible to get cooperation from them. As a result, loneliness increases. This affects mental health as well as physical health. Mental disorder is common in such conditions. Unfortunately, once she gets affected, it isn't easy to bring her back to her normal life.

5 . Irritability 

Irritability behavioural characteristics are another effect of forced marriage. Just imagine, you have pushed to stay with some unknown people who are not cooperating with you. You have hate for your parents, and you don't have anyone to talk about your life, what would happen? Will you behave like a normal person? The answer is no. No one will be able to behave like a regular person.

The same thing happens to the woman who forcefully got married to an unknown person. It ruins the trust level. The mental health condition worsens. It makes her more irritable. As a result, she fails to act normally with her husband. Irritating behaviour with laws increases the chance of physical violence. The woman doesn't find any option and starts hating herself. Gradually the problems increase, and the result is divorce.


in my words:

If we analyze the above facts, it is clear that forced marriage has not a single benefit. All the things that happen in the after marital life make the situation difficult for the victim. She can't get rid of tough situations. It is so pathetic that some victims choose to kill themselves.

However, there is some good news too. Bangladeshi matrimonial services started taking steps to stop the forceful marriage. They are trying to make people aware of the issues. Though the effort is nothing big, it will gradually bring the changes in society for sure. 






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