Marriage Story of Tasmia Haque Jui

Hello gorgeous people! I’m Tasmia Haque Jui, currently a student of American International University, Bangladesh (AIUB). Today I’m here to share my “arranged love story” with you. Like any other parents, my parents were excited and not to mention, tensed about my marriage.

They always wanted the best for me. But when it came to my wedding, they were as clueless as I was, until one very close family friend recommended my parents “Marriage Match BD” in December 2021.

Well, i was a little sceptic about it, but all my doubts were blown away with their wise suggestions and careful decisions. Marriage Match BD had chosen the best candidate, Mohitul Dhrubo, for me. They set us up for the meeting in the same month. We met, and trust me, magic happened! We knew since the very moment we met, that we were meant for each other! We got married on 3 rd January, 2022. As my husband works in Finance in an American company, we would soon be leaving for the US.

I can’t express my gratitude towards Marriage Match BD, for finding my best one! Thank you, Marriage Match BD.. I’ll keep you guys in my prayers. And also, if there’s anyone like me, who is searching for your soulmate, please contact Marriage Match BD. Believe me, you Won’t regret your decision.

They Are The Best!

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