Islamic marriage media in Bangladesh 14-Oct, 2020

Bangladesh is a South Asian country of nearly 160 million people. It is an overwhelmingly Islamic country, with 92% of the population adhering to Islam. The government has a secular, religiously neutral constitution and legal system. However, the marriage code, by and large, follows traditional Islamic teachings with some minor adjustments.

The country is also undergoing a youth bulge and has many youths of married age. Traditionally arranged Read More

Best Ghotok in Dhaka to connect the bride & groom in Bangladesh 14-Oct, 2020

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and it is crucial to find the right one that deserves your love and time. Finding the right one is a blessing. It is a blessing because one will live a fruitful, happy, and stress-free life. However, if someone chooses the wrong one, he a whole life regrets will come. In addition to that is the stress one may receive during a divorce. That is why all of us, we wanted to choose the right one. Nevertheless, due to many populations globally, it is hard to look.....Read More

Bengali Ghotok : the matchmaker in bangla 11-Oct, 2020

To be in love is one of the most awesome feelings that a person may feel. A person in love may feel butterflies in their stomach whenever they see the one that they love. Their surroundings will look colorful because of love, and to be with the one they love gives them a cloud-nine feeling. These are all because of love, that is why to love and to be loved is always a sought after feeling for every single person. 

To show your love to the one you adore is sometimes hard to do. It i.....Read More

Some popular Bangladeshi marriage media 11-Oct, 2020

Bangladesh is a South Asian country located in the Indian subcontinent.  It boasts a population of over 160 million people and is currently experiencing a youth bulge. About 92% of the population adheres to Islam which stresses heavily on marriage and family. Thus the country today possesses a very large pool of marriageable men and women.

Traditionally, marriages in Bangladesh were arranged by family elders within the community. Matches were made within the community or extended f.....Read More

Bangladesh Marriage Site vs ghotok 11-Oct, 2020

All of us want to find our true love or the one that we will spend our life forever. Girls sometimes daydream to have their prince charming. Boys sometimes dream to find their beautiful princess, because finding our true love is like a happy 


ending in fairytales or any romance novel, and finding your right match is a blessing. It is a blessing because you will live a happy life forever together with the person you love and your new family, and that is what we have bee.....Read More

Bengali matrimony 11-Oct, 2020

No one wishes to have a disaster marriage life. However, everyone wants a successful and happy marriage. Besides, not all successful marriage has come from the casual meet ups in the office, neighborhood or old friends; some of them have met up through social media by the marriage site or dating ups. In this generation, using the internet and social media is broad. It becomes the platform for communication as well as business. Many opportunities are found on the internet, one of those opportu.....Read More

what is the role of bangladeshi marriage site 11-Oct, 2020

Love is the most powerful word and feeling that everyone wants to have. While we are still a child, we are dreaming to become a superhero or a superstar, because we all want to have power. However, upon reaching the right age those powers are nothing, but love does. Social media becomes the biggest platform to communicate in this generation, all over the world. In this case, it becomes the medium of communication to find the love or the partner in life that everyone is dreaming of. There you.....Read More

A short overview of Bangladeshi marriage media 07-Oct, 2020

Bangladeshi marriage media is a relatively new phenomenon. It has only been around for about two decades and has made significant strides in Bangladeshi society. In this article, we will take a look at Bangladeshi marriage media, and the several organizations that provide matchmaking services.

Below is a list of several prominent matrimonial sites in Bangladesh:

Marriage match BD

Marriage Match BD is one of t.....Read More

Do you know why the families are breaking up in Bangladesh? 04-Oct, 2020

“Divorce!”   Yes, you are right. Divorce is dissolving a marriage. It occurs after the couple decides not to live together again and they no longer want to marry each other legally they agree to sign legal documents that remarry each of them and allow them to marry another person if they want. So it arranged a media that is known as marriage match bd.


Divorce is hard for everyone:


It sounds simple, but it is not easy for a husband and wife to dec.....Read More

Bd Marriage Solution 15-Sep, 2020

মানবজীবণ প্রগতিশীল। প্রগতিশীল সমাজে ঠিকে থাকতে হলে,কাজের বিকল্প নেই।তাই ঠিকে থাকার তাগিদেই মানুষ দিন দিন ব্যস্ত হয়ে পড়েছে।তাই, এই ব্যস্তময় জীবনে কাজের ব্যস্ততায় কখন যে বিয়ের বয়স পেরিয়ে যাচ্ছে তার দিকে খেয়ালেই থাকে না।আবার অনেকের খেয়াল হলেও সময় হয়ে উঠে না নিজের জন্য পাত্র/পাত্রী খোঁজার। বিয়ে বেশি বিলম্বিত হলে নানান ধরনের সমস্যাও হতে পারে। মেয়েদের বয়স বেশি হয়ে গেলে চেহারার মধ্যে বিভিন্ন পরিবর্তন আসে। অনেকের চেহারার লাবন্য কমে যায়। আর ছেলেরা সাধারনত বেশি বয়সের মেয়েদের বিয়ে করতে চান না। অপরদিকে ছ.....Read More

marriage media bd 11-Sep, 2020

আনন্দ বেড়ে দ্বিগুন হয়ে ওঠে, যখন দুজন মানুষ এক হয়ে যায়। আর এই দুজন মানুষকে এক করে আনন্দ বাড়ানোতেই আমাদের আনন্দ। শুভকামনা রইলো নবদম্পতির আনন্দভরা একসাথে নতুন পথ চলায়।

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Bangladeshi marriage media service 10-Sep, 2020

Bangladeshi marriage media Matchmaking Services will select the Ideal Match for you, who is ready for a serious relationship. We are here to help you select the exact partner of your dreams, and helping you both form a wonderful relationship. Marriage Match BD .Com is the both offline and online Marriage media who`s the target is not only to help people to meet each other but to get married. 

Bangladeshi marriage media

We have g.....Read More