Noni Gopal Majumder. weds Lata Sarker 14-Sep, 2020

"We first connected through a very popular marriage media in Bangladesh named in the first week of June, and soon our families spoke to each other. Things were going smoothly when we hit our first hurdle in the form of how to meet and finalize, as things were not normal due to countrywide lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic. Soon, we mutually decided to take advantage of available technology, and the first meeting between bride and groom, and family members, was scheduled for online, through WhatsApp call. That's how I and Lata Sarker met for the first time. Soon the talks progressed, and the date of 28th June was decided by our families for engagement. We are now happily engaged, both families are happy, and our marriage is scheduled for 11th of December this year. Thank you for helping me meet my Real Life partner."