Rich Divorced Girl For marriage 11-Dec, 2020

Divorce! Now it has become a very normal phenomenon. Divorce cases are on the rise in recent times, so our sociologists need to think about it now. Beautiful children, a beautiful family, a long married life, and the memories of a once-in-a-lifetime relationship nothing can stop a divorce. However, all over the world, the rate of separation due to this lockdown has increased several times more than before.


Even in a small and densely populated country like ours, this rate is not backward at all; Al though not enough information, research and divorce statistics are available now, a number of informative reports on the high rate of domestic violence and abuse have been published in several national dailies in our country.



In the past, the family was a barrier to lightning. But in the evolution of time, that bond has now turned into a thin glass wall. The picture is almost identical everywhere from village to town. Dreams are getting shattered before they come true. In the last decade, the number of divorces among the people of Bangladesh has doubled and the tendency to separate from partners has tripled. This information has come up in a recent study by the Bureau of Statistics in Bangladesh.


Sometimes the family of many is breaking up before the colour of henna is erased. The bond of the world is getting weaker with the touch of modernity. People are becoming mechanical. Feeling better, love is also decreasing. As a result, divorce is on the rise.


The type of divorce has changed in the last decade. Earlier, 80 percent of divorces were committed by husbands. But the myth of "the happiness of the family is due to the woman" is breaking down over time. Now women are ten times ahead of men in divorce cases. At present, 80 percent of divorces are committed by wives.


When a relationship breaks down, a person is emotionally broken. Now, in this situation, if the people around him constantly point fingers at each other or start talking harshly, then it is really impossible to mend the broken mind again. If you have positive and supportive people around you, you will soon regain confidence.


Whatever has happened, take small responsibility for the well-being of family, friends or close ones instead of blaming yourself or the person you love. When you see that you can put a smile on someone's face in just a little bit, then all the unattainable and hardships will continue to fade away.


Breaking up a relationship does not mean the end of life, but the beginning of everything anew. Take some time to prepare yourself, prove yourself by going against all bad thoughts. Use the qualities you have. At least this time listen to your own words, if you think you had something wrong with the breakup, try to correct it. But don't forget to keep yourself guilty for the rest of your life. These people make mistakes, and people correct themselves.


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