Islamic marriage media in Bangladesh 14-Oct, 2020

Bangladesh is a South Asian country of nearly 160 million people. It is an overwhelmingly Islamic country, with 92% of the population adhering to Islam. The government has a secular, religiously neutral constitution and legal system. However, the marriage code, by and large, follows traditional Islamic teachings with some minor adjustments.

The country is also undergoing a youth bulge and has many youths of married age. Traditionally arranged marriages in Bangladeshi society family elders within the community or region. However, due to rapid urbanization and labor migration to the cities, such arrangements are increasingly becoming untenable.

Thus, due to these factors, there is a huge demand for matchmaking services that arrange marriages that abide fully by traditional Islamic teachings and the n's lacquer due to this factor. Several online matchmaking sites have arisen to address the needs of online matchmaking. 

However, only one site caters exclusively to an Islamic audience. It is the marriagematchbd. In this article, we will take a look at the company and the services they provide.


Introduction to marriagematchbd website :

The primary goal of marriagematchbd  Islamic Marriage Media is to help users find mates in a Shariah-approved manner. 

Their location is on the 4th Floor, Abu Syeed Market, DIT Road, West Rampura. They are open from Saturday through Thursday from 10.00 AM – 6 PM. 

Their contact number is +8801915567354, and their email address is They have a female-only contact line and the number is +8801902087095. 


Clientele and Policies

  1. Marriagematchbd caters exclusively to Bengali Muslims. It is not a service of any specific party or sect, such as Jamaat-e-Islam, Hanafi, Salafi, Ahlul Hadith, Tabliq, or Pir's Murid.
  2. The person should stay clear from Shirk or Kufar. They also should not adhere to any Pir-Sufi-Dargah-Magic amulet-Astrology-Rashi-Khanka etc. Marriage is an Islamic covenant between man and woman in the witness of God. Thus, we should avoid those sinful associations.
  3. People who derive their living from illegal or Haram activities are not welcome. Dowry is not acceptable under any circumstances, be it implicit or explicit. Islam condemns the practice of Dowry, and marriagematchbd is entirely intolerant of it.

The ideal of the Deen is that the groom will not get Dowry from the wife. However, he will get married by providing some small dowry to the bride according to one's ability.


Fees and functioning

The potential bride and groom pay the organization a fixed fee. Afterward, both party's biodata, Aqeedah, and other personal information are collected. Should the lady show interest, her family is in contact with the groom party, and a meeting is setting up.

Initial registration fees are applicable and also non-refundable. After registration, the team begins work on that matter, and once the marriage has done, they receive a negotiable honorarium. 

Their fees are in four categories: Opal, silver, diamond, and platinum. The organization will not take any responsibility for events between spouses after marriage.


Shariah and information security

It is not legal to publish pictures or chat through external channels. Even exchanging information or photos without a match is not permitted. Many scammers run bio-data without any photographs or personal discussions, which increases the legal and informative risk for aristocratic or Muslim families. Therefore, the marriagematchbd matching team does not exchange biodata without first verifying the data themselves via social media observations and legal documents.


Marital counseling and workshop

In addition to spouse search, they are the first organization to pre and post-marital counseling services. They have experienced and professional counselors do deal with marriage issues. There is also Sharia counseling and Rukiya services for sorcerers, overlooked by austere scholars. 

marriagematchbd also organizes various awareness programs on topics of marriage and relationships. Here eminent scholars, doctors, counselors, motivational speakers, and priests from other countries also participate.



Due to the travails of modernity and urbanization, online matchmaking/marriage media services have become essential in Bangladesh. marriagematchbd Marriage media is one of the few sites that offer dedicated service to Islamic marriage and ceremonies.

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