How does Social Media Affect Marriage 26-Mar, 2021

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Social media plays an active role in personal life nowadays. Technology has created many platforms for people to remain connected with the outer world only by some clicks on their device. Old school ways of conversation are replaced with modern amenities. We do not need to wait for weeks to receive news from our beloved ones. It is very easy to communicate with anyone regardless of the distance. Like every blessing, social media holds a negative impact too especially on marriages. Social media affects marriage severely. 


Are Marriages at Stake?

Marriages are facing much turbulence because of the ever growing addiction to social media. Partners are now more concerned about their social media image and try their best to boost their marriage in social media. A recent research says, most couples feel the pressure of portraying their marriage as happy and successful in social media. They feel if they do not update their marriage life in social media regularly, people start to question the success of their marriage and if they are keeping well or not. This unnecessary pressure often leads to unrealistic expectation towards each other. On anniversaries and birthdays the partners are expected to put pictures of their partners on social media and arrange surprises and gifts. If anyone fails to do so, it causes chaos in their marriage and also faces a backlash from the people in social media for not celebrating the occasions.

Easy Communication: Key to Cheat

Social media has made communication so easy that people are seemed to take this opportunity to cheat. Now, the question arises what should be the measurement to decide whether a partner is cheating or not. In most cases, partners are seen to communicate with other people in social media hiding their married status and creating a bond with them. Extra marital affair has become common as it is very easy to reach for new people on social media. 

Too much Dependency on Social Media

An excessive addiction towards using social media often isolates partners and keeps them occupied inside the virtual world. Partners start to avoid one on one interactions and priorities putting their marriage on social media only. As a result partners start to grow apart mentally. When one is too busy using social media, another might find it offensive. This often leads to fights and result is bitterness. 

Marriages before Social Media

Before social media, communication was a privilege and it was not easy to contact with anyone instantly. So, partners had more time to concentrate on their partners and have one on one conversation with them more often. As there was no pressure of portraying the marriage on social media as a success, there was no space for unnecessary showcase of perfect marriage to others. Social media in a sense has taken the sense of true connectivity from marriage as there is no longing or chance to miss the other person quite often, rather at some point people feel caught up in this web of easy connection where personal space is invaded on a regular basis. 

How to Fix the Marriage

Social media has become a prominent part in our life and we have to use them for both work and socializing purpose. There is no point of trying to prevent oneself from using social media as social media serves many purpose of life and makes living easier in a modern world. So, if we cannot totally abstain from using the social media then we need to use it in such manner that it does not compose any threat towards our relationships and marriages. 

Firstly, both the partners need to understand that it is not mandatory to put everything about their married life in social media in order to keep up with the trend. This will save both of them from unnecessary peer pressure of continuously projecting their marriage as a success to others. They need to cut a large portion of their time and spend it in one on one direct communication. No matter how much fascinating the social media is physical presence and face to face communication is the most effective way of communicating in marriage. Islamic marriage media in Bangladesh

How does Social Media Affect Marriage ?

Secondly, both the partners need to stop comparing their marriage with others on social media. People only show their happy and bright sides on social media. Partners need to understand that every marriage goes through ups and downs and it is absolutely fine to not have a perfect marriage. Unnecessary comparison with others only spread negativity and makes living together toxic for everyone. 

Thirdly, there should be a fixed time for using social media. Partners need to be open about their social media activities with one another so that no unnecessary confusions arise and should try to understand each other’s temper. If there is any specific person the partner is not comfortable to keep in touch with, other one should either convince the partner to continue the contact or respect the partner’s opinion and act accordingly. It is very important to realize virtual life can never be a substitute for real life. 

Fourthly, it is one’s moral duty to not abuse marriage through the privilege of social media. Loyalty is a personal preference and in marriage it is a must to be maintained. One, under no circumstantial should use social media to form any kind of unwanted relationship. Social media can be alluring and it can be very hard to resist oneself from indulging into any kind of extra marital relationship but one has to stop oneself from doing so and if needed seek the help of professionals to recover from such tendency. Both the partners need to be very open towards this kind of infatuations and need to talk their self out without indulging into any kind of unpleasant fights if needed. 

Marriage: An End Game

A successful marriage is when two person try to make their ways through all the obstacles life throws at them and come out strong every time. There is no marriage without ups and downs in modern times and with the presence of social media it can get hard from time to time to stick with the same person. With love, patience and respect for each other any marriage can sustain and become a success.  

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