Can Social Media break up a Marriage 25-Mar, 2021

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The introduction of social media in our everyday life has its own effects. Though the greater good sides of social media are praised worldwide but no one can deny its effect on relationships and marriages mostly. A recent survey says, marriages are collapsing at a higher rate after the introduction of social media in our everyday life. 

Social Media: Easy or Complex

Although social media serves to make communication easier for everyone in their regular life, the complexities that it has brought along with its brighter sides cannot be overseen. Easy communication leads to easy access which often becomes the reason of turmoil in marriage. It has become very easy for anyone to reach out to whoever they want regardless of their location and intention. If this is not handled tactfully it often results in tension. 


Through social media we can easily get access to anyone’s personal life and make our own assumption about their impression. Many times we fail to assess the person correctly and in marriage it can be very dangerous for the relationship. One partner can easily misinterpret other partner’s social media activity which can lead to misunderstanding and fight. 

Marriage requires undivided attention and effort from both sides. One of the greatest toxic trait is it occupies a great amount of our time. Every social media user on average spends two to three hours surfing their social media accounts daily. Partners are often so driven by social media, they ignore their everyday chores and duties and seen to be indulged in virtual world. 

Social Media: Getaway for Intruder 

In social media, it is easier to get in touch with someone in comparison to real life. It becomes easier to cheat by using social media as it does not take any physical movement to contact with anyone. Also, social media opens up the marriage for the judgment of others. Most cases, involvement of third party ruin the understanding in the marriage and leads to chaos. 

Can Social Media break up a Marriage

Social marriage works as a catalyst and manipulates the mind of its users in such way that in most cases they fail to separate virtual world from reality. Social media creates unnecessary peer pressure of showing of the marriage as a success and always instigates people to only bring their bright sides in front of people. People are always under the impression of how others are leading a happy life and in fear of missing out they try to cope up with others unnecessary showoffs too which results in a very unhealthy competition with virtual people. 

Marriages are at the most vulnerable position because of this flourishing of social media. Now, when problems occur, couples instead of talk the problem out, tend to escape the situation by meeting someone new from social media. 

Social Media:  Enemy of Marriage

A lot of marriages have been destroyed because of social media in the last decade. It is not always cheating that leads a couple to separate; experts suggest social media has made people so isolated and self centered that they often forget to take care of their relations first. People are so busy keeping up with their virtual world that they do not give proper attention to the complexities that rise in their marriage. 

The ever growing tension between partners make them grow apart and to fill the absence the start to fill the void by finding new people in the internet. Social media has made people impatient as they do not try for things to sort out as they know because of social media they will never run out of options. People also take social media as some mean of having guilty pleasure and are found to hide their activities from their spouses so when their spouses get to know about their activities they do not hold anything to say in their defense. 

Social Media vs. Marriage; Finding the Balance

Living in the modern age, it is impossible for anyone to not use social media, so married people need to find a balance between social media and their personal life in order to save their marriage from any kind of unwanted issues. Partners need to grow a clear understanding between each other so that their relationship stands stronger than any kind of problems the face in their journey of marriage. 

Social media can be a part of life but it can never be as important as real life. Partners have to prioritize their relationship over anything and work together in order to secure a healthy married life. Social media is the window of fresh wind that can provide a person with an escape from their everyday monotonous life and help them to get in touch with their closed ones without the concern of time and distance. Couples should find a perfect balance for themselves to make their marriage strong and at the same time healthy so that nothing from the virtual world can hamper their peace. 


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