Best Ghotok in Dhaka to connect the bride & groom in Bangladesh 14-Oct, 2020



Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and it is crucial to find the right one that deserves your love and time. Finding the right one is a blessing. It is a blessing because one will live a fruitful, happy, and stress-free life. However, if someone chooses the wrong one, he a whole life regrets will come. In addition to that is the stress one may receive during a divorce. That is why all of us, we wanted to choose the right one. Nevertheless, due to many populations globally, it is hard to look for that right one for us. It is either the one that we find does not love us the way we do or have their love of their lives. If ever we finally see him or her, the problem now is approaching him or her without being rejected. Some will try to befriend them first to get their attention. However, some people are shameful to come to the one they love because of their fear of rejection to ask for help from a matchmaker.

Matchmaking has been a practice traditionally or religiously in some countries since in the past. Like in Jewish communities, they ask some matchmakers or call shadchans to help them find the right one for their daughter or son. These matchmakers will consult God to lead them to the right one, and usually, the qualification for the right one should be of the same family background and good moral status in their community. An example of this is the familiar story of Isaac and Rebecca. In Muslim communities also, a matchmaker is needed. The older women or older family member will act as the matchmaker. Some Chinese families are still following this tradition, wherein it calls for an arranged marriage to ensure that it will hand down the family business in the right hand. In some parts of Southeast Asia, like in Bangladesh, some go to a matchmaker called ghotok.

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Why do some ask for help from a ghotok in Dhaka?

  1. One of the reasons why Bangladeshi ask for help from a ghotok because it is more convenient than they will be the one to look for it. In this, they will hire a ghotok that will be the one to look for the right partner for their client. In that way, the family will save time and effort.  
  2. It will be lesser stressful for the family. Just imagine, if the father is the one doing the matchmaking, it will cause too much pressure for the father because he needs to go from house to house to look for the right husband for his daughter. Manual hunting is only a good idea if it is done in a small village, but it will be so stressful for the elder if you are in a big city like Dhaka. So, it is more practical to pay someone to do it for you.
  3. It will help save face. In our society nowadays, people are easy to judge than to understand. Paying for some ghotok will help the family save face from that judgmental and critical neighborhood. These ghotoks have their secrecy policy that will protect the privacy of their clients. So, it will be a good idea to ask for their help. 

However, the good news is, we are now in the era of technology, there is an easy way to look for a ghotok on the Internet. There have lots of Bangladeshi marriage sites on the Internet where a Bangladeshi can find a ghotok that can help them in the needs. The only thing they need to do is sign up, put a good profile photo, and an excellent description of oneself, and then choose from those profiles that will best suit you. Who knows, your destiny is waiting in one of these sites.

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