Bengali Ghotok : the matchmaker in bangla 11-Oct, 2020

To be in love is one of the most awesome feelings that a person may feel. A person in love may feel butterflies in their stomach whenever they see the one that they love. Their surroundings will look colorful because of love, and to be with the one they love gives them a cloud-nine feeling. These are all because of love, that is why to love and to be loved is always a sought after feeling for every single person. 

To show your love to the one you adore is sometimes hard to do. It is because you will feel shame to talk to him or her. You feel nervous to approach him or her, thinking that you are not enough for that person. You also feel afraid that maybe he or she will reject your feeling, that is why sometimes our tongue becomes tied to talk to them, and stuttering words usually come out of our mouth. However, some people find a way to get the love of their life. Some use a little help to boost their courage, like drinking wine before talking to the person they want to talk or using the technologies to say their feelings. Some also ask for help from their friends or acquaintances to become a matchmaker for them. 

This matchmaking or playing cupids is very common in every country from the past until now. Some it is a tradition; some it is a religious custom. This is the reason why some people take this as their profession. 

Just like the Jewish communities and some Muslim countries, Bengali people also believed in matchmaking, and they call it Bengali ghotok. These Bengali ghotok are just like the other matchmakers. They are here to help some single men and women find the right person for them, and this is how they work:


1. Look for Potential Partners for their Client.

If somebody will ask help from one of these Bengali ghotok the first thing they are going to do traditionally is to look for someone that is potentially perfect for their client. They will know this by asking questions from their client. Some of these questions are about the likes and dislikes of their clients and what kind of partners they wanted to have. Since we are now in the modern days where technologies are faster than making census to every person in that area, these modern matchmakers are now using apps to look for potential pairs. These can be done by pairing couples according to their likes and hobbies. Once you sign up in these marriage sites, these modern ghotoks will give some list of profiles that you may be interested in knowing them. Then, click the profile and start conversing with that person. If they become interested, they will then have the potential to marry each other. 


2. Check the backgrounds of their clients.

 In tradition, these matchmakers usually make background checks on their clients and to their perfect match. They check if what they are saying is true or not and if they are really right for each other. Some matchmaker makes it to the extent in spying them just to get the truth. However, in these modern days of matchmaking, it is a little bit hard to check backgrounds because some may give wrong information in their profiles and it will be more stressful to spy on them one by one. Even so, they still have ways to do a check on their clients and that is through putting some restrictions. Some matchmaking apps or marriage sites are banning people if they are not telling the truth. Some are requiring a recent photo of their clients as well as their real address. In that way, they can protect their client from scammers.


3. Let the pair meet each other.

 Traditional matchmakers make a ceremony where they will let their clients meet each other for the first time. Now, in modern times these modern matchmakers will also make their clients meet each other. Some can use a video call, or they can even see each other personally - that is what millennials call "eyeball" or setting a time where the pair can see each other face to face at their own appointed time and place. Then, it will be the time that they will realize if they are meant for each other.If you are someone that needs a ghotok in Bengal, then look for a Bangladesh marriage site that suits well for your dream.



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