Bangladeshi Divorce lady For Marriage 15-Nov, 2020

Bangladeshi Divorce lady For Marriage

The divorce rate is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Divorce does not happen suddenly. It is not the result of an overnight accident. There are many reasons for divorce find out marriage match bd.

Divorce is not just a legal separation of husband and wife. This leads to physical and emotional separation of the husband and wife and above all their overall relationship with the child.

Divorce has a different emotional impact on both the one who gives and the one who is given. The one who divorces suffers from fear, dependence, distance, intolerance, resentment, doubt and remorse. And the one who is divorced feels shocked, deceived, uncontrollable, abused, degraded, and insecure.

Suppose you leave your old home and move into a new one. How do you decorate a new home? Of course, not exactly like the old house, but when you move into a new house, you can buy new things and decorate the house by removing some old things. This is how you rearrange the life after divorce.

Things to do after divorce:

- Be confident.

- Stand tall in society.

- Be self-reliant.

- Avoid anyone who speaks negatively to you.

- Give yourself time.

- Raise the child in such a way that it does not have a negative impact on his growth.

- Spend time with family and friends.

- Spend time doing what you like.

- Don't blame yourself.

Divorce does not mean the end of your life. If you want, you can think of a second partner in your life after divorce, you have this right. But there is nothing to rush, take the time and get involved, but tell your new partner everything.

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