Arranged marriage vs love marriage in Bangladesh 24-Oct, 2020

Marriage is a legally and socially sanctioned union, usually between a man and a woman that is regulated by laws, rules, customs, beliefs and attitudes that prescribes the right duties of the partner.

 There are two types of marriage often seen in Bangladesh. 

There are:

         1)      Love marriage

           2)      Arranged marriage


Now, which one is better "Arrange marriage vs love marriage?


Love marriage and arranged marriage have forever been a topic of debate. Due to western influences, people are more susceptible to accepting love marriages now.  However, the majority of the people still comply to arrange marriage.


We all feel that love is an absolute essential, when it comes to marriage. If you fall in love with your partner before you get married to them, that's great. Everybody thinks that one will spend the whole life with the person whom one loves.

 But in reality it's quite impossible for anyone to make this dream a success. About 95% of the time that does not happen. In an Islamic country like Bangladesh there are so many obstacles in case of love marriage. The most common reason behind that is family's support.


About 80% families in Bangladesh don't allow or support love marriage. They want or prefer to arrange marriage for their son or daughter.


There is an overview is given below between the love marriage and the arrange marriage:


Arrange marriage   Love marriage


1)      Family's decision.                       1) Own decision
2)      More support.                         2) Less support
3)      Less problem between families                     3) More problems 
4)      Fewer acceptances.                     4) More acceptance
5)      Less understanding both family        5) More understanding
6)      More interference         6) Less interference 

  Arrange marriage is imbibed in the Bangladeshi culture that the parents of the family pick a suitable match for the bride and groom considering various different external factors

In the initial years of the process, the family would meet the boy or the girl and decide if they were the right match to each other.


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